Why food trucks, Foodbitchess? Why?

Creme Brulee TartWhy another blog about food trucks? Well, why not? It was only a handful of years ago that my friend Jenn told me about the Kogi BBQ truck down in LA. We made plans we’d never do of leaving our kids at bedtime, driving fast in her station wagon to LA to indulge then driving fast back to our kids.

Then I started hearing more and more about trucks up in Northern California. I started reading more, watching Eat Street on the Cooking Channel. I got on Twitter to follow the trucks I knew about. Then I started venturing out to the places where the trucks were near where I live. The more you know, the more you want to know. My family got dragged into it. And then my friends. My obsession has become my avocation.

So, I try, five days a week, I try to let people know where some of the food trucks are. I don’t follow everyone. I haven’t tried everyone. But I want to share in this love of food with everyone. Join in it with me.

For those new to the food truck scene, here are a few basics:

This isn’t a brick and mortar restaurant. You will not have chairs or a waiter. So bring your own chairs. Some people feel the need to bring Gramma’s china and a candelabra (you think I’m kidding?). Bring a blanket if you’re at an organized event like Amador Valley High Street Eats or OtG or Moveable Feast.

Bring cash. Try for small denominations like $5s and $1s. Most of the trucks take your plastic but some times, things fail. Always have cash.