Who is the Foodbitchess?

California born and bred, the Foodbitchess started her life in Northern California but was whisked to the calm, fog bound Central Coast where she counted her days until she could leave the quiet of the rural life. She moved to Los Angeles to get a degree in film writing only to find that if your name isn’t Spielberg, Wasserman or Fonda, you’re SOL. After working tirelessly to try to get a career in film (but actually having a thankless day job in retail), she moved to Northern California to take advantage of the new gold rush known as the tech boom of the late ’90s.

After climbing up the corporate ladder to an august position of international project manager with a now defunct telecommunications company, the Foodbitchess found herself without income, without a clue on what to do. That’s when she discovered the Food Network. Much like Julia Child, the mid 30s brought on a new level of interest in learning to cook and food. A few years of working in consulting gigs (wedding planning, business expansions etc), once again the Foodbitchess found herself in the thrall of the food again – food trucks. Balancing her day job with her avocation of Foodbitchess, she was continuing to learn about the food truck scene in NoCal when her day job lost funding.

Today, the Foodbitchess is a stay at home Mom and a full time food truck blogger.

(What can I say? I love food. I love to eat. It’s one of the greatest pleasures to eat something that brings you joy. It’s more than fuel for the machine. Like my Foodbitchess motto, I love eat – is that a crime?, I do love to eat. I love to cook things that bring my friends and family happiness. Food brings us together. Food is love.)