The amazing food trucks of Northern California

The food truck revolution doesn’t seem to be stopping no matter what pundits have said. It hasn’t jumped the shark yet. What do I like about the food truck scene? It’s egalitarian. In many cases, you’re getting some high end cooking for low end prices. Which is a good thing. I will give you a little breakdown of what trucks I follow on Twitter and thus, post on the blog, then what they serve. Sure, it’s biased. I’m only human for heaven’s sake.

The trucks come in and leave a lotta time quietly. So the list is hard to keep up with. There are over 200 food trucks in the Bay Area alone (can you imagine the Portland food truck scene blogger? They need to outsource to keep up with their massive group of food trucks.)

If you want a more comprehensive guide, check out this:

333 Truck – Asian fusion, yo.

3 Brothers Kitchen – Southeastern Asian styled grubs.

3 Geeks – Well, it’s not IT help but help for those who like cheesesteak and seafood. Seriously.

Adam’s Grub Truck – They do your basic sandwich cuisines, burgers and the like. It’s massive, it’s not first date food but definitely the “I’m hungry, give me everything” cuisine. But very tasty.

An the Go – an offshoot of the family run Thanh Long restaurant and Crustacean restaurant, they serve some of the favorites from their restaurants such as the garlic noodles. Southeast Asian cuisine.

Baba Kabob – You know, a kabob can be on a stick or in a bowl or on a plate or..

Bacon Bacon – The name says it all. They serve bacon. Not just a plate full of smoked porky goodness. Sammiches. Salads. Tacos. On fries. As a far smarter person once told me, “Bacon is the gateway meat for vegetarians.” And they make it so easy to say yes.

BBQ Kalbi – Korean fusion cooking.

Beyond the Border – Latin faves like tacos, pupusas, yucca fries…

Big City Country Boy – Classic American cuisine touched by the country sensibilities.

The Boneyard Truck – Meat, smoked, grilled and what you were asking for.

Butterscotch on the Go – They serve wonderful little things that are reminiscent of tea table moments. The one that makes you weak? The butterscotch pudding topped with a pillow of not too sweet whipped cream and studded with toffee almond brittle. You will become a slave to it.

Capelo’s BBQ – How can you not love barbeque? When you smell the smoke and the scent of a pig or cow that has given up its life so you can have some tasty barbeque…?

Caribbean Spices – Are you a fan of Creole cuisine?

Casey’s Pizza – Who says that you can’t get a good piece of pizza pie off the street? Mobile pizza.

The Chairman Truck – Originally known as Chairman Bao until a restaurateur on the East Coast had a hissy and said that the West Coast truck was going to cause confusion over his dish and their truck, they changed their name but not their cuisine. The buns are steamed or baked. Steamed are small three bite jobs and the baked are sandwich sized. My favorites? The pork belly and the tofu.

Cheese Gone Wild – Grilled cheese sandwiches. Like a mac and cheese with bacon stuffed sandwich. You read that right.

Chutney Mary’s – What do you do when you’ve been a sous chef at Google? You open a food truck that serves Halal meats and Indian treats.

Cluck It Up – Fried chicken, yo.

Cupkates Truck – Sweet cupcakes on wheels. Well, you get them from the truck. They aren’t actually sporting Yokohamas.

Curry Up Now – The fire in their burritos would clean out your system of ages. But the flavor amazes through it all. They sport brick and mortar around the Bay Area and their own spin off (Dosa Republic) but they still like to roll to the homies. Or the rest of us.

Doc’s Classic Comfort Food – Formerly Doc’s of the Bay, this truck does an upscale burger.

Dum – “Indian soul food” with the best biriyani according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Eat on Monday – A little more Asian fusion for you.

Ebbett’s Good to Go – You want a Cuban? Not the cigar. The sandwich. Don’t let the perky ’50s diner-ish name fool you.

El Porteno Empanadas – These are amazingly good empanadas.

El Sur – Empanadas.

Fairycakes – Delicate offerings for one sweet tooth.

Firetrail Pizza – Rolling pizza oven.

Five Ten BurgerOn hiatus. This East Bay based burger mobile wants you to forget about the flaccid offerings from the chains.

France Delices – French food on wheels, son.

Frozen Kuhsterd – The ice cream goes lush. With a donut.

Gold Rush Eatery – Hamburgers that are bigger than your head!

Grab and Go Kabob – Kabobs … wrapped!

Grillaz Gone Wild – Another East Bay based truck that offers up the sandwiches (Phillies and the like) to the hordes.

Grilled Cheese Bandits – Nothing is quite as satisfying as a grilled cheese, ain’t it? (Only on Twitter, folks, @CheeseBandits)

Grilled Cheese Guy – A man and friends who take their cheese seriously. 

Hella Vegan Eats – No, you who eschew meat and all animal related foods aren’t left behind in the food truck frenzies.

Hiyaaa! – More Asian fusion.

Hongry Kong – Hong Kong styled cuisine. Pick your sauce, pick your meat, pick your starch and pick it up and eat it.

Hula Truck – When the Islands meet the Bay Area..

Izzy A’s Frozen Custard – Just like the name says, it’s frozen custard aka a creamier ice cream.

Izzy’s Cheesesteaks – Cheesesteaks! I mean, C’MON!

Japa Curry – It’s curry, man. Japanese curry which is a different animal from the Indian curries you find at Curry Up Now. Subtler, less pungent, less take the back of your head off.

Jeepney Guy – You like Filipino food? It’s good stuff, Maynard, and he turns things on their ear.

Johnny Doughnuts – It’s the best sweet thing in between your teeth.

Judie’s Tacos Locos – You love a Mexican food truck with a quirky name don’t you?

The Kabob Job is all about Middle Eastern street food, yo.

Kabob Trolley is Halal good gyro.

KoJa Kitchen – Asian fusion gone good. The meeting of Japanese and Korean cuisines. Tacos stuffed with kalbi. You get it.

Kokio Republic – If you know any Hangook, you’ll know that a rooster doesn’t say “cock a doodle do” but “kokio.” The big thing is Korean fried chicken now and they provide it.

Kome Sushi Burrito – No really, it’s sushi. Sushi by numbers, 1 – 2 – 3.

Korean BOBCha – Korean food truck with burgers, burritos with Korean spin.

Lexie’s Frozen Custard – Like ice cream but not, frozen custard is crazy good.

Licensed 2 Grill – Fries, tacos and mmm…

Little Green Cyclo – More Vietnamese fresh tastes. I like the sweet potato tater tots.

Little Red Riding Truck – German food. For sure. Schnitzel, wursts, spatzle oh my.

Lobsta Truck – Lobster rolls baby.

Mahalo Bowl – Sweet Acai based treats.

Manna Japanese Comfort Food – A little sushi, a little spam…

Mayo and Mustard – I love me a sandwich. This truck handles that sandwich craving you have.

Me So Hungry – Burgers baby and you better be hungry.

Mo Bowl – Asian fusion food. In a bowl. Though I’d give a shot to the cheesecake rolls because they are small pleasures in themselves.

MoGo BBQ – In Hangul (Korean) “mogo” means “eat.” Korean fusion cooking such as a bacon wrapped hot dog with kimchi slaw.

Mozzeria is a melty pizza good time.

Munch India – Samosas, rogan josh, paneer. Indian food on the road.

Naked Chorizo – A fusion you might not have considered but makes total sense. Spanish + Filipino.

No Worries Vegan Cuisine – Filipino vegan cuisine.

Oaxacan Kitchen Mobile – Mexican food? Not just.

Oh Miso Hungry – It’s a punny name but the Asian food from here isn’t funny.

Opie’s Gourmet Stacked Burgers – Formerly the Meathead truck, they wanna make you a burger you won’t forget.

Pacific Puffs – Two brothers had a dream to bring their family’s cream puffs to the Bay Area. And boy did they ever. Crisp puffs with a softly sweet interior.

Phat Thai – Rolling Thai food that seeks to enlighten and fill your stomach.

Pizza del Popolo – Pizza on wheels.

Porky’s SJ – Barbeque with the pink curly tailed porcine delight in mind.

Red Sauce Meatballs – Meatballs, yo.

Road Dogs SJ – Hot dogs, yo.

Rice Rockit – It’s more than what you call a Japanese motorcycle. It’s Asian/Filipino food.

Rocko’s Ice Cream Tacos – The name says it all.

Roli Roti – If you get a chance to find them at the Farmers’ Market at the Ferry Building in the City, try the porcetta. Crispy skin with succulent pork that has had a long lovely spin on a rotisserie. The chicken ain’t bad either.

SAJJ Street Eats – Brick and mortar and rolling shawarma and falafels..

Sam’s Chowdermobile – Brick and mortar in Half Moon Bay, but they are more than happy to roll to you to show you the joys of good chowder, good lobster rolls and good sodas.

Sanguchon – Peruvian food moving to you. The Peruvian take steak frites is sublime.

Scoops SJ – Two brightly smiling young people offering you some ice cream flavors of childhood but with a bit of a gourmet twist. Froot Loops? Salted caramel? Ube?

Senor Sisig – You know at 2am when you stumble outta the club and need something to soak up the gin and tonics, but not just anything – something with a soul to it? This is what you want. Filipino burritos to begin with…

Seoulful Korean Fried Chicken – The newest rage to come out of South Korea along with K Pop and great facial products is the Korean take on fried chicken. Crunchy but flavor ranges from garlicky to I can’t feel my mouth anymore.

Seoul of Taipei – Korean Taiwanese fusion.

Seoul on Wheels – The lovely Julia provides the Bay Area with some delicious Korean cuisine. The Daniel burger is almost inedible from size alone but you’ll find a way to get your face around it.

Shark Bait – Tacos, soft shell crabs and burgers oh my.

The Shark Bite – Tacos, seafood…

Simply Mochi – Are you familiar with the sweet Japanese treat called mochi? Rice flour with various innards…

The Slider Shack – Little bites, big flavor.

Soulnese – The buff guys who smile at you are offering you a sincerely fabulous treat. A fusion of the Asian soul and the Oakland soul makes for delicious tastes.

Speedy Panini – Two guys who have brought their Italianate love of sammies to the streets. They have a pasta dish but go with what the name of the truck is – panini.

Streatery – Peasant food, they say. Oxtails and grits? Yum.

Streets of Seoul – Formerly known as Arirang, they are serving you Korean food because that’s how they roll.

Subs on Hubs – Sandwiches and gyros, homes!

Sugar and Spun – Cotton candy anyone?

Sunrise Deli – Falafel and Middle Eastern food truck cuisine hiding behind the strip mall name.

Sweet and Mellow – Coffee, tea and desserts if you please.

Swifty Sweets – Frozen yogurt sinfully good.

The Taco Guys are part of the 2015 Best Food Trucks in the Bay Area by the SF Chronicle.

Takoz Mod Mex – You like tacos but you’d like them to seem, dunno, modern? New ideas infused in your tortilla wrapped happy food? Try them.

Tandoori Chicken USA – Indian food with attitude.

Taqueria Angelica – Classic Mexican truck fare.

Tastee Bytes – South Bay based green mobile offering you savory somethings for your tummy. Twitter only.

Tonli Dumpling – Plump little dough wrapped bites…

Treatbot – What is better than outdoor karaoke? Ice cream with singing! Inventive flavors and cookies…

Tres Truck – Ensalatas, empanadas, tortas, enchiladas…

Twirl and Dip – More soft serve ice cream made with organic ingredients and dipped into Tcho chocolate. It’ll make you believe in miracles. Generally found at Golden Gate Park.

Twisted Chill – The soft serve of your childhood just got an upgrade.

United Bites Truck – Tacos, wraps and others…

Waffle Amore – I mean, really, who doesn’t love a really tasty waffle? One of their waffles is like brioche ‘cept crispy.

The Waffle Roost – Chicken and waffles. Holy guacamole. Get them when you see ’em. The sides are to die for.

We Sushi – Some times the waits can be a bit on the growling stomach but the results are good. The spicy tuna tostada is pretty amazing. Yes you can get good sushi from a truck.

Whisk on Wheels – Burgers, fries and done with style.

Yummi BBQ – Asian barbeque.